Free 80 body parts

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Aug 2, 2013
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Hey everyone, I have had a bunch of 80 stuff on Kijiji and will be putting it up for free on Monday and was hoping some one from OCC could take it first. I will be giving away the following things

2x front doors
1x back door
1x lower rear tailgate
Another set of door glass
Passenger front fender ear bumper and bumper ends

Some parts need to be removed.

Going to hold them for a week then off to eco station next weekend
Let me know of your are interested and your welcome to them

id take the steering box
Also want to put out the feelers on my 77 want to sell it this summer. Let me know if your interested or know someone who is

Do you happen to have the PS plastic trim vent piece that is directly behind the 3rd row windows?
Ugh it feels wrong letting these doors and tailgate goto the scrapyard, but I have nowhere to put them...

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