Frame diagram/dimensions for 60-series??

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Nov 17, 2006
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I've looked everywhere I can think of for frame diagrams for 60-series. :confused:

The "Tech" section here on 'MUD has diagrams for 40's and 80's, but I can't find much for 60's elsewhere on the site. :hmm:

Any thoughts on this, or links to diagrams would be much appreciated... If I do find them, I'll definitely post them up at the "Tech" section.

I'm trying to compare a late-'85 frame with an early-'83 for body mount locations, cross members, etc. I'm trying to see if I can use the '85 frame with an '83 body, all on my '86 driveline/suspension (the '86 frame and body are shot...) :crybaby:

I asked a friend at a body shop here in town, and he is going to see what he can get out of their "frame robot's computer", but it will probably just be dimensions... none of this "paper" stuff with actual drawings on it lying around their shop anymore... :mad: computers!

I'm wondering if my local Toyota dealer would be willing to part with a photo copy (assuming they have a "paper" version of such a thing...)

Thanks! :D
MY 62 FSM has an excellent diagram of the frame, complete with specs. Unfortunately, I have no scanner.
Being for 62's, does it go back to the '85/'83 60's? If so, even a digital photo would be great! I don't need it to scale, I just need numbers and where they relate to... Thanks for offering!
Thanks, Dieseler! Excellent link, in fact the whole site he has is interesting... especially for those with diesels (great discussion of his mods to improve boost pressure, EGT's, and overall performance of the 12H-T.)

But on to the frame question...

On page BO-122 of the Chassis and Body Manual at the link, I found the frame dimensions for what looks to be the late 60-series frame (though, strangely, the transmission cross member doesn't quite look like mine... mine goes under the frame, where the one in the diagram looks like the 4-speed, between-the-frame, U-shaped member).

But I'd still like to compare these body mount dimensions with a diagram of an earlier (pre-October '84) 60-series frame...

So, if anyone has a manual with, or link to, a diagram of an '81-'83 frame, that would help finalize my decision about getting a really clean '83 body that's available really inexpensively...

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Thanks, 2mbb, for the link to the diagram! It's just what I needed.

I did try searching 'MUD, and I tried all kinds of combinations of "frame", "diagram", "dimensions" and "60". But it looks like I missed trying "dimension" (no 's')... and "schematics" would have been a good synonym to try... :idea:

There's so much stuff on all the 'MUD forums (thanks to everyone's amazing contributions) I'll need to dig deeper next time... :doh:

I think I have my question answered... Thanks for all the help everyone!


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