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Aug 4, 2014

I am Andrew from New Zealand and after roaming the forum for a while and doing a bit of work on my Bj74 over the summer period I thought it would be best to start a build thread.

This is my JDM imported 1987 BJ74 Landcruiser. Modifications thus far are:

- 15BT 16v Motor Conversion
- Front and Rear Bars (need a winch :)
- Safari Snorkel + Diff breathers
- 2.5 inch suspension lift + Rancho 9000 shocks
- ARB Rear Air Locker
- LSD Front Diff
- 33 x 12.5 15 Achilles XMT Tyres
- 15 x 8 D window rims

The truck has just came back from the panel beaters today after rust work on the rear drivers guard, it is now looking in top condition. I have a lot more work to do and any advice would be much appreciated.


A couple months ago




a couple weeks ago (black wrapped FRP and 3M tints)


New Rims + Full Sized 33 inch Spare



Current Condition with Black Grill (post panel beater)


Very nice.

Where did you aquire the 15BT?
Very nice.

Where did you aquire the 15BT?

Looks like your having fun with that, how's does the 15bt perform compared when the 13bt was in, I'm assuming you had to fiddle with the gearbox as well when mating to the 15bt,
You got some numbers on fuel economy, H/ power, , Any glitches or challenges you've faced when putting new donk in ?.
Very nice.

Where did you aquire the 15BT?

The truck was purchased with the motor already in the truck. I am lead to believe the motor is from a 95-97 Dyna 1 tonne truck.

Looks like your having fun with that, how's does the 15bt perform compared when the 13bt was in, I'm assuming you had to fiddle with the gearbox as well when mating to the 15bt,
You got some numbers on fuel economy, H/ power, , Any glitches or challenges you've faced when putting new donk in ?.

Thanks Oldtoy, im having heaps of fun just fiddling away with the cruiser. Compared to my old BJ71 with the 13bt on standard suspension and 31's it is very similar performance wise however the BJ71 was weirdly fast and the 15BT is currently running wastegate pressure of 5psi. I have a pyro and less restrictive exhaust to go on the next couple weeks before the boost is wound up :). Im looking at running around 12psi without an intercooler for now.

Clutch and fins on gearbox were modified to fit the original drive train. Economy is great around 700kms to a tank which i believe si around 70 litres.

ADDITIONALLY, some a****** has battered my wing mirror and im looking for a replacement set (passenger side is a bit worse for wear too) can someone tell me if 60 series mirrors fit?


I have also broken the window wiper linkage, the driver operates perfectly and the passenger has a delayed response and is hit by the drivers side. Does anyone know where to purchase a new linkage or fix the current one??? it would be much appreciated.
Hi forged, sad to hear the vandals picked on the cruiser, the 60 mirrors should fit, just be mindful of voltage, you will find the mirrors on all the 70 should also fit.
You should have no dramas getting parts in NZ, I always keep an eye on trade me
Happy days forged
60 series mirrors looks alike but the line on doors are different than 70series, so the mounting doesn't fit.
Hi really struggling to find early 70 series parts in NZ and all the imported stuff from auzzy or ebay are manual mirror options.

- Firstly can any one confirm that 1994 KZJ78 wing mirrors would fit my BJ74? are they both running similar electrics?

- Additionally would the window wiper linkage from the KZJ78 fit?

Any advice would be much appreciated....
60 series mirrors are not a bolt on fit to 70s. However you could mingle with the internals to make them work. You seem to be able to do that with a few 60 series parts integrating them into 70s

Mirrors are pretty hard to find down here in Christchurch too mate , so many people break em they get snapped up fast.
Like Oldtoy said trademe is a good place to search

- I have a new wiper linkage sorted
- Currently hunting down mirrors off wreakers to get the best price
- Upgrading to the modern slat grill
- Negotiating front suspension seats (<-- pretty excited)

The truck is in dying need of a service so this is the next step...

Looking at running 15w40 engine oil (the truck will range from 20-25 degrees down to 4-5 degrees in winter), Redline MT-90 gearbox oil (great stuff! I have used it before in other vehicles), both diff oils are being done, can anyone recommend oil to use in the rear diff with the ARB air locker???

Finally I am redoing my suspension bushes as they are a bit shagged. I had a good look under the truck and see it is using an OME lifted springs and Rancho 9000 shocks. I am not positive on the lift (2 inch vs 2.5 inch) the guard to center of the hub is 535mm. Would be good to know so I can determine what degree castor wedges to use....? o_O

Can anyone confirm that the bush kit im after is OMESB1, or has anyone had better results with another brand?



I also found i have an oil leak when under the truck today. It is located on the front of the bell housing on the right hand side. There is oil residue on the back of the sump but looks old, thick and dried from the drive shaft..... :(




congrats on the new truck mate, hey if your looking for replacement mirrors stay well clear of any Chinese aftermarket ones they snap off real easily, vibrate and always end up creeping in with air resistance on the highway :)
Looks like you've got classic rear main seal leak. So common it aint funny. Next time you get your clutch done etc make sure you get it replaced.
Hay there i have a bj74 as well how did u get on with the side pipe out behind the door for a wof
Nice rig, the 60 series mirrors fit, but the base has less angle to it, so not really flush with the door.
With the ARB I just run standard weight oil, but with a limited slip additive for the internal clutch, should be
right on the shelf beside the regular oil.
BTW, you said the FRP has a black wrap. As is a vinyl wrap, or did you paint it? I'm going to paint my top
black, it's been smashed, so no need to worry about factory look now.
Hey Forged i know this thread hasn't been used in a while but I want to know how you got on with the Achilles desert hawks. im running goodyear wrangler mtr 33s on my bj74 and they're really noisy at 100km. Cheers.

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