For those with factory rear entertainment system

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May 28, 2016
Houston, TX
How can you get audio to pipe through factory speakers if you are using the single dvd player in the rear of the car for the Rear Screen?
There are no diagrams in the 2004 LC EWD for the rear seat entertainment. Also, there is no mention of it in the body electrical section of the FSM either.

Was the rear entertainment a Lexus only option? Was it a port installed accessory not covered under the standard Toyota FSM? Was it just not an option until the 05 or later model years?

If I had the wiring diagram that shows the system I could help you get audio signal to/from wherever you want it.
Lots of threads on operation of the the RES. Here's one with details on how to get audio through the main speakers.

Rear dvd question

I have the OEM RES on my '04 LC as a port installed accessory. I don't know when Toyota started offering it.
You guys need this. It's called a FM modulator. You have to gain access the back of your radio. Pull out your antenna wire & plug this in between. Run the rca jacks from the output audio of whatever device you using into the modulator. Tune your radio to 89.3 & you got sound.

Thanks @silverbullit, but the RES has the FM modulator built in. Works fine if you read the owner's manual, so no need for aftermarket.
Mine is stock all around as far as I know and I get the sound on 89.something.
What if we have an aftermarket double din headunit? Would the modulator still work?
Yes, you simply unplug your antenna and plug this in between & plug your antenna back up. Give it power from your cigarette lighter. You good to go

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