For sale in Ohio or Texas

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United States
I'm currently living in Texas, but have a 1969 TLC FJ40 in Ohio that I would like to sell. It's partially restored, has the original inline 6 under the hood and has a 3" lift kit on it. The interior has had some updates. All in all, a pretty solid rig. I will keep checking back for replies.

Thanks :D
Please post up a price...see rules.

a little more info

My FJ is located in NW Ohio, about 45 miles south of Toledo. I'm asking $3,400 for it. I don't know how to get pics on here, maybe someone can help me as I'm not computer literate.:rolleyes: I will be in Ohio the week of April 21st for about 7 days, if anyone would like to see it, I will do my best to meet with you.

send me the pictures and i can post them for you. if you will also include a link in the e-mail to this page so i can remember where i am posting them to.
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