For Sale: FJ60 Frame, Abbotsford

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Mar 27, 2006
Abbotsford, BC
For Sale: FJ60 Frame, Abbotsford - Sold

Here's the link

The details. I bought the frame from Arizona in 2007, had it shipped up here and that cost me $1500. I'm sellling the frame for $1200 obo as I'm starting to look at other posibilities to stay in the cruiser game....

I hate that it's just been sitting behind my house these years but I'm sure someone will put it to good use.

EDIT: I should mention that I can deliver the frame anywhere in the Lower Mainland. I brought it over the border on my roof rack and I could get it back up there with a bit of help from the buyer and some of his buddies ;) this is if you don't have a trailer.
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Ya, I know John. I've been thinking of that day you guys all came to help me out and I so appreciated the help AND meeting you fellow cruiser heads (and all round good guys). I now have the frame on a set of wheels which will be easier to roll it out to the front of the house.

One of these days I'll join the club and I'll start helping too, sooner rather than later.....
Hey did I see some "young punk" driving your 60 in surrey the other day ? By the way if you sell it I can help you get it moved .
Hey Kevin. I know there is a Red 60 very much like mine in Surrey/Cloverdale. Mind you I was out there on Saturday with my truck (Cloverdale) so maybe you saw me.... :)

Thanks for the offer, I'll keep you posted. Sure would like to move this frame....
Hey Kevin. I know there is a Red 60 very much like mine in Surrey/Cloverdale. :)QUOTE]

Maybe that's me you're thinkin' of. My truck rolls on 12.50" wide 33's though, from your avatar your tires don't seem to be that wide.
Hi Mainlander, likewise.

I'm pretty sure I've seen your truck a few times, it's one of the few other red ones around. Some friends of mine have said they've seen my truck around when I know I was not where they say. Must be mistaking our trucks.

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