Wanted Flywheel for a 1970 FJ40

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Dec 21, 2016
Ottawa, Ontario
United States
Hi all, I am trying to get my 1970 FJ40 back on the road and need to replace the flywheel. Anyone have one for sale that can be shipped to Ontario, Canada?
I have one but shipping would be killer. If you can't find something closer shoot me a PM.
Ops my bad. And I bought one a couple of years ago from someone and my dad had one the whole time. I know that my dad has one if not more. We have 3 1f engines laying around.
I have a '72 flywheel. it is the early style. I had it in my F engine. Then I rebuild a 2F and put that in the cruiser. This flywheel has been machined. I also have a barely used clutch plate and disk if you require that. Asin brand. three finger type. All together the clutch has less than 1000 miles on it and same since the reground flywheel. If you are interested, I can pull it down from the attic and get some pictures to you. Private message me where I can send the pictures. I cant figure out how to send pictures on this forum for some reason.
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Thanks guys. The shop I have been working with ended up finding one in Alberta. A friend of one of the people at the shop spotted an 40 on a farm while on a hunting trip. I think he bought it for parts but I don't have his name. Anyway, I got the part and it has been machined and it is now installed.

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