Floor support

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Nov 16, 2002
Northeast PA
So I finally decided to start cutting out the rust on my 40 and replacing it. When i cut out what was left of the front floors i noticed that there are floor supports that are spot welded to the floor and attach to the frame with rubber body mounts. These floor supports are rotted beyond repair. I need to get new ones anyone know where I can score some(I looked on sor's website with no luck). There are 2 on each side one about mid floor and the other is in the font when the floor starts to angle up behind where the pedals are. Second question is I need to replace the body mounts bolt nut and rubber. Where can I get these (without buying a complete set as they are very expensive).
I had a similar problem, though my front mounts were only half-rotted. There are two pieces to each mount on the front - there is a small 'u'-shaped piece of channel about 3" long over the area where the bolt goes through- this piece is a reinforcement. First I drilled out the spot-welds holding the two pieces together (this is after drilling out the spot welds to remove the mount from the floor pan). I took the pieces to a sheet metal place and they cut and bent me near-exact replacements in 14-guage. An hour of welding and smoothing later, and the mounts look as good as new.

I would have bought new ones if they were available - the only people I can think of in that regard would be the Heritage Sheet Metal people. They don't list the cab supports, but they might fab them for you.
Anyone ever made a set? I guess thats gonna be the way to go...
i used a stop sign post for mine got them at a harware store auction. think lowes sells similar they are a little stronger and a couple different sizes good luck
floor/body mount brace

Been there done that. I have an aqualu tub so on the cowel I cut the floor including the mount bracing off from the back to the front the exact same distance on both sides. I fabbed new floor pieces out of 16 gauge. The brace I made out of considerably thicker by bending two 90 degree bends. What I ended up with was a piece of channel the approx. size of the old piece straight without the dipsey doodle bends.

I then completely welded this to a piece of 16 gauge the same width as the floor pan and capped the ends. Once the replacement floor piece was welded in I welded the brace on. I am still in the process of the build but my sheet metal on the cowel is basically all new and fabbed at home. I'll try to attach a pic or two.

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