FLINNY....a working progress

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Jul 5, 2007
Durham NC
FLINNY....a work in progress

Here are some pics of the work done(a quick fix up not a resto!!) so far...still a long way to go.
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Is the bib/bezel in good condition? ...............I have a very nice square bezel bib that I might be looking to trade or sell before too long.
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that looks nice...I need your skillz...
Dang Maria, you and Juan are doing some amazing work!
Nice work, as usual. That thing will be ready for the summer it looks like.
Ramon the plan is to have it ready for the summer.....but you know how it goes...If we dont have any mechanical problems we should be on time...Still a lot of things to do...

It will be a soft top (OEM style) with 4" lift.
Wow that looks really good, thats some very nice work.
These pictures just reinforce would I already knew, you guys have some serious skills! Good work.
Looks great! Can't wait to see the finished product.
Thanks everyone for the comments!
The camera shots help though! ;)

I dont think we can do much this weekend since Juan is out of town and we have the new puppy we are fostering. I will post more pics on monday....I must do some work regardless.


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