For Sale FJ80 1996 Short block (no head) (1 Viewer)


FJ80 Collector
Apr 25, 2011
Near Pasadena CA
From a good running 96 that had a pinched head gasket. Good oil pressure. 211,000 miles on it. Head is off of it so you can rotate crank and examine cylinders. Oil Pan is off and not included, but this will allow you to access the bottom end. Engine had very good compression average 160, but was using water and exhaust was steamy. When head was removed it was immediately noted that the head gasket had not been installed properly, and even though no water in the oil or oil in the water, the engine was showing vapor in exhaust. Crankshaft pulley is on engine and so is flywheel. Loading hoist here to help you. $700 for engine block.

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