FJ62 Rear Heater Decal + All Interior Decals

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Apr 1, 2012
Seattle, WA
For anyone interested I now have the entire FJ62 Interior button decals for sale. I also have made the Hazard decal so you can make it look new as well.

The quality of the decals are exceptional and I will post pictures of a series of buttons I restored for a 4Runner. I am selling any amount or combination of decals so please look at the pictures below and contact me.

-- Please note these decals have pre-measured distances so no cutting is involved and they are pretty easy to install -- I have installation tips for those who buy a decal also --

I am here to answer any questions for those who need more info.



Nice work!
Nice work!
Thank you kindly -- I know there some other ones made but there are a few noticeable differences with these....

The font and size are 99% original and it took time to get the red color to near factory match too. I am happy with the end results + hope 62 owners will feel the same way...

This is the closest to screen-printing the decals onto the buttons -- so it duplicates the factory look.
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I want to add, for anyone interested in sending me their buttons I will offer a service to apply a the decal for you with or without clear coat. The price for each button restored w/o coating is $25 and shipping is up to the owner.

Let me know if anyone would be interested in this option.

are you still offering to apply the decal? i'd need it done on my mirror button; last time i tried it myself i messed it up
Yes, I can do all the buttons + stalks (per your request) --

I am working on my pricing and presentation but if you want to talk with PM we can figure out what you need.

I plan to charge a flat-rate for each button including decal....the stalks will also be that way. If you want a bundle it will be less + shipping is extra both ways and I recommend tracking.

Hope that helps,

How much for just the rear heater?

Let me get more specific on the prices:

Single decal in (white).......$9
Rear Heater decal (2-color).........$16

Single button installation (decal + clear coat).......$25
Rear Heater button installation ( " " )...........$30

Top prices include shipping -- bottom pricing you will need to arrange shipping (to + from)

Hope that helps, we can chat in PM if you need a decal & or installation.



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