FJ62 A/C Belt

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Feb 9, 2004
Buffalo Grove, IL
I'm doing the radiator and water pump on my FJ62, and I'm in the process of putting back on the belts. For some reason the A/C belt, with the idler at full adjustment is still too loose. I'm putting back on a NAPA 25-9470 belt. My question is.... is this a proper aftermarket belt that fits exactly right, and is there an adjustment on the a/c compressor itself to help get this belt tighter?

Any info appreciated. Search gave me bupkis...
I don't think there is any other adjustment than the idler. Just a thought; the idler adjustment bolt is counterintuitive as counter clockwise tightens, clockwise loosens. Are you sure you have it adjusted all the way in the right direction?
My bolt is bent to all hell. I just attached the the idler and pulled it as tight as the groove allows and I still have slack. But, I see your point.... its a reverse-action idler.
Got the same project going in my driveway so I feel your pain. Assuming that the belt is correct, is the tensioning bolt long enough so as to allow the idler pulley to travel its full range? I took mine apart yesterday and was surprised to see the top idler pulley had a much longer bolt and hence more travel than the lower idler pulley. I'm thinking PO but am not sure.

On a side note, how are you accessing the AC idler pulley's bolt? I ended up taking off the top power steering bracket to get to it. I'm not much of a mechanic so hoping there is a trick to this.
I ended up ordering a Toyota belt to compare with the NAPA one currently on the rig. I did have major squealing with the A/C BEFORE I pulled everything off and my inspection just before removal showed it to have way too much play in the belt.

On the top of the tensioner I have two nuts - one 14mm and the other was a 9/16" castle nut. I'm assuming the castle nut was a P.O. addition. From the looks of the idler tensioner, you could get away with just using a 3" bolt put in from the top to accomplish the same thing, except it would be a little tougher to adjust since you couldn't throw a socket or ratcheting wrench on it.

As far as accessing the bolt, you would loosen the pulley nut, then remove any nuts on the top of the tensioner, then adjust the tensio0ner from the bolt head accessed from underneath (use a long extension or two).

I can't tell you for sure if my setup was factory or not, but depending on the new Toyota belt length and how much adjustment I need to make to the tensioner, I may just go ahead and use a single bolt coming in from the top of the idler tensioner instead of from the bottom.

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