Wanted FJ60 Manual

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I have a completely rebuilt sm420 with pto for sale. I have $400 in the tranny and pto. Let me know. Located in Kansas and can ship forwardair. Have you tried looking in some junk yards in your area. It may be cheaper :-\.

I've got a few copies of both the Frame and Chasis and 2F Manuals. Hit me off list.
5 SPEED FOR FZJ-80 Conversion

[quote author=pappy link=board=6;threadid=10999;start=msg103295#msg103295 date=1076529099]
Yes, the R151F is the 5speed used on 86-87 turbo 22ret's.

[/quote] ;)THANKS-YOU HAVE ONE ?

in working order,n.cal area. :D
What is different between the 93'&94' FZJ80


FZJ80, with e-lockers,

I want one maybe,

The 91's and 92's look the same kinda,

What is the difference between the 1993s and the 1994's?

All Helpfull info appreciated, 8)
76 Tub in Houston

I am looking for a 76 FJ40 steel tub in good condition. I live in Houston.
terrain tamer suspensions

I have used a few of Terrain Tamers transmission/transfer case rebuild kits and found them to be of very good quality.Also have installed a set of their shocks on a BJ-70,old ones were Rough Country and the truck rides much smoother.So far no compaints
cone washer for aisin hub

I need one (but could also always use an extra or 2) cone washer for a stock aisin hub. Anybody got an extra?
cone washer for aisin hub

e-mail sent. Thank you very much.
80 series headlight assemblies....broken glass is fine!!

I've been corrected and told that ANY year 80's headlight assembly bolts in, so if ya got an old POS one in your garage I'll take it. Like I said before, they don't need to be pretty.

Lagwagon - my stockers will need a new home when I get some broken ones and finish my project for 'em, so if you want I'll keep you in mind when the time comes.

:beer: :beer: :beer:
cone washer for aisin hub

still need one. FJ55partsBoise only had the big ones for the steering arm.
76 Tub in Houston

there is a 72 on ebay now. I think its in Arizona.
FJ60 Tail Light Assembly and marker light

I'm fixing a smashed rear corner of my 86 FJ60 and in need of the entire rear tail light assembly and the left rear marker light.

and if you have a spare right hand tail light lens i could use that too.

Looking for some use OME heavy

Bobby here,
I am getting ready to upgrade into slee 6" kit for my '95 80.The springs have less than 10,000 miles all highway (under wifes daily driver).I will get in touch with you by friday and let you know how much.Should be cheap.
Take care

I will also be selling the bull bar when my custom frt is finished.
5 SPEED FOR FZJ-80 Conversion

Be careful here, Jade. The R151 is a very different animal from the H151. The H151 is twice as big as an R151.

5 SPEED FOR FZJ-80 Conversion

Unless you are looking to put it in a turbo 4Runner that is.

cone washer for aisin hub

PM me your address and I'll throw a couple in the envelope for you.


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