FJ60 Fan Clutch/Overheating

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May 15, 2019
Hartsville, SC
So I have done all my research on the topic about a bad fan clutch/over heating at idle.

Truck runs fine at driving speed but temp gauge spikes at idle/stop and go. I got the truck at normal operating temperatures this afternoon and did the newspaper test and the paper did not tear and pretty much stopped the fan. I killed the motor and could spin the fan with no resistance at all.

I think it’s safe to say I need a new clutch fan what do y’all think? Just wanted to get some feedback.
I replaced my fan clutch and fan recently. I had no idea how bad my original one was until I replaced it. So nice to hear it actually engage and have the fan spin now. Mine never really got overly hot, but it would start to creep up when stuck in traffic. Never could hear the fan spin. Now when in traffic, the fan engages, and the truck cools off in seconds. Its pretty unmistakable when the clutch/fan engages. If you are not hearing the fan spin periodically, then I would, as others have said, replace the clutch. Not sure I would get into replacing WP, hoses, etc. unless they really require it. That's a pretty big job with lots of 'while in there' stuff that goes with it. Fan and clutch are quick to get on and off. Would invest in an extended wrench to get to the clutch mounting nuts. With that I could do it without removing anything else. I am too much of a purist for fan shroud splitting, but do understand why folks do it. Would make clutch removal easier, but with the extended wrench I found removing the fan/clutch fairly easy with my uncut shroud in place. Got my clutch off Amazon:

Amazon product

Might find them cheaper if looking around but with free shipping on Prime, this was an easy and economical option for me. HTH
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Id plan to replace the water pump, associated hoses, replace/repair radiator while in there. Just did this recently. It's not a job I want to do again. Also suggest the fan shroud mod if you haven't already.

What @Rube said. and do the fan shroud mod, you will see why real quick. If your water pump has not been done now is a good time, it is easy to do and as you have the fan and clutch off anyways.......

I got the same clutch that @Robert Franzke mentions above, no issues and keeps it cool, kicks in when needed and off when not. Some others have used 80 series clutches, or ones with other colors on the shafts and or changing the oil etc. That for me was to far down the rabbit hole. The OEM replacement works fine especially if the rest of your system is refreshed.
Some others have used 80 series clutches, or ones with other colors on the shafts and or changing the oil etc. That for me was to far down the rabbit hole.

Too far down the rabbit hole for me too. If there was not an AISIN part available maybe, but clutches are readily available. I'll let others oil fix fan clutches.
get a new fan clutch. If you don't know if the water pump has ever been changed I would swap that out too, along with the thermostat...due to age of vehicle. Assumes all other parts of your cooling system are functional (fan shroud)...etc. Main issue appears to be fan clutch.

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