FJ60 clutch question

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Feb 20, 2002
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Here is a dumb one to add to my earlier questions.

When an FJ60 clutch begins to slip it is done right?

There is no adjustments that can be made?

If the hydraulic is leaking it would effect disengaging rather than engagement of the clutch, right?
Not necessarily. My '84 BJ60 (diesel version of an FJ60) clutch was slipping over a year ago (15,000 miles) and a simple adjustment on the slave cylinder rod got it to engage again. It's starting to go out again but that's because my kid is learning to drive!

Can you explain this in a little more detail for me? How do I know when I have it adjusted enough?

It's explained well in the shop manual. You need play between the clutch pedal and the master as well as the slave and the release fork. You'd need a diagram to properly understand exactly what those clearances need to be and how they are adjusted.
It all comes down to where the clutch actually releases in the pedal travel.
If it releases near the middle I'd bet the clutch is history but if it releases near the bottom of the pedal travel then the clutch needs adjustment.
Some 60's have the adjustable rod at the slave, some don't. The skinny on adjusting: you want about 1/2 free play at the pedal. The adjuster rod goes from the pedal to the master cylinder. If you have an adjustable slave rod, drop the clutch inspection cover, loosen the locknut and adjuster nut on the rod, fire the motor up, and CAREFULLY crawl underneath, and adjsut the rod length til the trowout bearing juuuust starts touching/maybe spinning with the clutch, and then back out til it doesn't, and jsut a little more...
Thanks for the info on adjusting. I will check this first. My manuals do not mention this adjustment on the slave rod. I hope I have that. I'd sure like to buy myself enough time on the clutch until warm weather again.

Thanks for the tip on the slave rod! I was lucky enought to have the adjustable one. Adjusted it today and no more slippage. Looks like I bought myself more time hopefully until warm weather again.

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