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May 9, 2008
Phoenix Metro, Arizona, USA
Just got an 85 fj60. It stalled 6 months ago on the prior owner. Said it was a fuse issue. I got a new battery and while hooking up the second terminal it started to spark. I confirmed that I was hooking up in the correct order. Made sure everything was off. I checked all fuses and they are good. However I noticed that just to the right of the fuses there are two spots for circuit breakers. I only have one (round silver thing about the size of a quarter). Would this be causing my problem? Do I need both breakers? I would assume so. I really want to get this thing going - thanks for the help.


Sep 1, 2003
My 85 only has the one. It's for the heater blower. The second socket is for a CB for power windows and sun roof. The 60 series was offered with different options into different markets and over different times. The US version of the 60 series basically didn't change much until the 62 series in 1988. However, in other markets (Japan, Europe, Australia) they apparently got a power sun roof and power windows, as well as a high roof option with rear A/C, 5 speed transmission, diesel engines, etc., etc.

If the battery terminals were sparking when you connected them, and all the power was really off (no clock, no aftermarket radio (with clock)), then you may have a short. A blown fuse or circuit breaker wouldn't create sparking, but prevent it. Also remember besides the fuses and circuit breakers there are a set of three fusible links. these are located within some of the wires coming off the battery. One of the fusible links protects the ignition circuit.
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Feb 27, 2002
Spark could be caused either from the memory circuit of the stereo (check by disabling inline fuse) or by a previous owner's aftermarket alarm system.

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