FJ55 value estimation?

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May 6, 2007
Hi everyone.

I am looking for an FJ55 and I found one local to me. I wanted to get the group's input to make sure I was in the right price ballpark.

It's a 78 (stock) and looks to be in the same condition as this one except one of the lower rear quarters is pretty bad and it runs fine. One fender my be worse too, but whats the difference. The interior is OK for what it is.

Prices seem to be all over the place. Is this a 1800 dollar pig?

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Jump on it!
Jump on it!


If you want to feel good about your purchase look at what some of the east coast guys are forced to use for their platforms to build from (RUSTY).

Does it run? Does the 4x work? That alone makes a rig worth $1,500. Everything else is a bonus and raises the value.
Take it and run..................!!!! I offered the owner of one you showed "D.G." 2000 $ and it had a blown engine!......the thing that killed the deal was the transportation costs of a "Non runner" pix??

If it runs fine and it has all the FJ55 specific parts for the body, lights etc. then you're probably OK.

FJ55 specific parts can be tough to find but not as bad as the parts for my FJ45LV!
This is the worst bit. The other side is better. Not good or great, just better. So you guys think it a solid deal? We'll I guess I'll have to do something about it.
nned more might want to check other areas, the roof along with the frame to body attach points and other areas people on this forum with way more experiance than I have might suggest.........oh, might think about taking up welding :)

Tail gate looks very rough; does it open? without falling off?, does the window raise and lower?

Hopefully that is not the tip of the iceberg...that paints a pretty grim picture until you present some further photos. Anything's possible and I certainly hope it works out for you.
if it's really a 78 wouldn't the taillights be the other style??
X3 on the lights.
Check for rust at the front body mounts right where the driver and passengers feet are. The picture you have has already been fixed once (no reflector mounting holes any more).
Thanks for catching that! I found some site which lists vin #'s by date. After checking there, it is indeed an early truck.

There is an extra tail gate with the truck, but all-in-all the signals say PASS. I'll keep looking.

Thanks for you help.
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think it is a wise decision; without pix it sounded good but after showing that one of the tailgate/drivers corner flags everywhere!!.........this looks a lot worse than the one you refered to for sale in Seattle..........I had many pix of that one........


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