FJ55 Fuel tank replacement, now questions about ports and fuel lines.

Feb 3, 2021
White Rock New Mexico
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I finally got my replacement fuel tank for my FJ55. It's a little different from the old one. Because of that I just wanted to make sure that I get things right.

My old tank had a threaded connection where the fuel line connects the tank. The new tank has two barbed ports. When I look at Sor parts diagrams it looks like the barbed port to the rear is the outlet to the fuel pump and the other one is for a return line. I don't currently have a return line on my 4-1970 built FJ 55. So I am thinking of just plugging it.
Over by the filler my old tank had two larger hosed for venting. The new tank only has one large port for venting. And 4 barbed ports which I assume are for the fuel Separator. My truck never had a separator. Can I just block those 4 ports? Or do I need a new separator?

Lastly I am looking to replace my fuel line from the tank to the motor. Any suggestions to what I should use?

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