FJ45 Long bed worth

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Jan 29, 2003
Need help. How mich do u think this 1967 FJ45 long bed is worth. Looks like it is pretty complete. Has been sitting for 10 years. Said it ran before being parked. Giy said it has no rotten panels with rust. Lools to have a little body damage. Here are pics





Go get it before the he changes his mind. You won't regret it. If it were me, it would be in the 10k range easy!!

Then post lots of pictures for us. We like pics :)
Appears to have the original round circle Kioto headlights, not too many of those still left on a 50+year old cruiser.
Nice find. Yes, grab it if you can. PTO winch with the shifter! Most likely all there! Good investment. You cant go wrong.
I don’t know, looks like it might need new tires, or least airing up. :p

Lots more in that than mine for not much more $$.

How’d that thing sit parked in that state for this long? I’m sure there’s a special CIA division dedicated to finding old “abandoned” 45’s and I think most of the agents live in the west.
Great looking truck. It really comes down to the buyer in my opinion. With the time,facility and resources the truck could be fantastic. I would suspect that if the drivetrain is all operational AND reliable you could get away with a few thousand dollars to get it up to speed with tires, brake overhaul, fuel system, seats etc. and have it look like it does now. If you have to dig into suspension (if needed) the numbers go up from there obviously.

Nice find either way.

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