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Nov 15, 2009
Located near Los Alamos New Mexico, for sale is a pile of parts that could be put together to create a f45 cab on a fj80 chassis. I collected these parts as a secondary project while i was looking for parts to complete a similar build. If I keep them it will be years before I do anything with them so I thought I would list it all for sale here to see if anyone is interested.

The chassis is from a fj80 91 or 92, I do not have a title for it. the frame has been shortened on both ends. It has motor mounts welded in for a chevy 350 and the mounts for the cab have already been done to fit the fj45 tub. It has sliders welded on although I don't think they are very stout. All of this work was done by the previous owner.
  • The fj45 tub is from a 1965 and had been sandblasted and then not coated so it has a rusty patina. I think it is a solid cab but does need metal work for both rocker and rear corners.
  • The FJ45 top is from a 1977 and both the roof and cab back need some metal replaced. The rain gutter and front corners need repaired. the cab back is pretty clean but needs some metal replaced at both post corners.
  • The window frame is from a 72 fj40, no issues with the frame.
  • The doors are rust/rot free but both have a dent. They are the early 70's type.
  • The bib and aprons are solid.
  • Not pictured but included I have a set of Aqualu extra wide aluminum fenders.
  • The hood is good and solid, looks like there is a little bondo on the nose but I cannot feel any imperfections on the back side.
  • Rims and tires, 17" procomp steel rims with 35" all terrain BFGs. The tires still have some usable tread but I consider them just rollers.
I do not have it all bolted together. It is mostly just sitting there with clamps and gravity holding it together so it could be mocked up for the picture.

I don't have a bed for it. I was considering a flat bed or something custom for expedition type travel.

I figured this would make a great trail rig, crawler or expo truck for anyone wanting to take it on.

I have over 5k invested in the parts as I bought them individually. I realize it is a big project with a lot of parts and work needed. I am asking 5,000 and taking a loss at that but I am also open to offers. I would be willing to part it out but only if someone buys the tub and top as a package first. I would really like the room back in my garage and the funds to put towards my other project.

If you have any questions please ask or send me a message.

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