Fj40 slave cylinder problem

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Nov 5, 2007
Boulder Creek California
Hi, I have a problem with my slave cylinder on my 71 fj40. i bought it without the slave cylinder installed so i purchased a new one and installed it, but it popped the seal and ruined my slave cylinder. my fj has an engine swap and upgraded cluth, could that be the problem? if you have any suggestions or info, i would appreciate it. thanks.
What motor? What upgraded clutch? Did the slave cylinder over extend? If you did not have the adjuster nut set so that the cylinder is completely (or close to) bottomed out.
i believe it has a 350 in it and a 4 speed put into it. i am new to this and is frusturating to see my fj sit. with a v8 conversion, do i need to have a different slave cylinder? thank you and sorry for not replying right away.
my fj40
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If you have the Centerforce Low Profile pressure plate it is suppose to be made for the "short" throw of the Toyota slave. That is what I was wondering when you mentioned the upgraded clutch. When it popped out did it destroy the seals? You may be able to re-assemble the slave and rescue it. Try adjusting the clutch so you get "maximum throw".

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