Wanted FJ40 Inner Door Latch Rubber Caps

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Mar 26, 2015
Portland, ME
United States
Looking for the grey rubber end caps for the inner door latches on my 73 FJ40. Mine are missing would like to replace. Photos below for example, thanks!

Yeah I’ve never seen them for sale, I’m hoping someone has a stash somewhere!
If someone remakes these, a less brittle plastic material without a seam would be better than the originals and perhaps a recessed set-screw rather than a roll-pin.
Anyone know how to remove them and reinstall? Plastic seems very dense yet old and brittle. Is there a trick? Or should I just buy new OEM and be done with it?
A small pin has to be punched out, right?

Not recently. I was yepping @hyhpe that a roll pin needs driven out of the handle grips, at the same moment he was typing another comment.

I did however buy several new grips many years ago from Jonathan Ward that are constructed out of the original hard phenolic-type plastic. I have no idea where he got them.

I am surprised that with all the re-casting and printing being done that we haven't seen any repops of these show up.
I noticed the pin, didn’t know if it was a small set screw or what, dirty and corroded inside the hole, was thinking if I heat them up and try to slide it over the pin it might work. Will try this weekend, otherwise I’m likely going to upgrade to new OEM…

Also surprised someone doesn’t make these

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