For Sale FJ40-55 Early Acorn Repro Hubcaps $67 each + shipping (1 Viewer)

Sep 30, 2015
Bay Area

For those of you that have early fj cruisers sporting the later model caps,,,and for those of you that dont have hubcapcaps,,,and those of you that have a newer cruiser and want to sport the earlier vintage cruiser caps. These are currently available. They will fit all spring clip OEM rims.

I have a small run of them. Some of you have been following this in the IH8MUD forums. I decided to take this project on because not only do I want a set of early caps for myself but got sick of the prices being charged for these on ebay and other locations.

These are 20 gauge, highly polished stainless steel. The quality is excellent. Price is per hubcap. Shipping is additional based on weight and distance via UPS. Typically $25-$35 Price per hubcap is $67

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