FJ-55 fender remove questions?

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Mar 13, 2004
Northern California
I am starting to work on my 75' FJ-55. I have only worked on 60s 80s and a little bit on 40s, but not on the 55 yet. I would like to know if the front fenders and radiator support come out as a unit? It looks like if I remove the two bolts under the radiator, and the 6 bolts or so along the firewall under the master cylinder area, and the same bolts on the passenger side seam, and the 2 lower bolts on the outside of the fender near the door will this be enough to get the fender and clip off? There are more bolts along the top of the fender connecting the inner and outer fender, but I've got a little rust and would rather not separate them yet. Any suggestions from those that have done this?
Taking the fender off requires removing 15-20 bolts, if I remember correctly. I've done it a couple of times. You have one bolt below the A-Pillar, you will need to open the door to get to it. You also have 2 bolts on the inside of the wheel well, near the A-pillar too ( up near the top). Down at the bottom ( where they all rust out) you have a bolt attached to the body. Also there are 3 up front that hold the metal strip below the bezel in place. Also have the lot running the length of the area where the hood rests on the engine compartment, and on the inside of wheel well 6-7 bolted to the clip.


I don't think you can remove the clip and fender as one.. I've parted out a couple of '55's and always seemed to give up on the inner parts. Fenders come off pretty easy.
Its a lot of bolts and the ones on the inside of the fender up near the a pillar are ridiculous to get to. I just took off the outer fender and probably ended up breaking about1/2 of the bolts inside the wheel well. They all rust out.
That is what I was afraid of. I guess I have to open all the bolts, and I forsee myself breaking a few of them. I have been PB blasting all the fender bolts for the last couple of weeks so I hope taht helps a bit. Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated.
Good luck, I will be there on mine soon, getting it ready for paint.

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