fitting 34" ltb's

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Apr 13, 2009
Rapid City, SD
I know I know, check the FAQ.
I have and I found stuff on fitting 33 12.50's, but I want to fit 34 10.50 ltb's. I have a 1 inch lift up front and 2 inchs out back and I am currently running 32 11.50 A/T's with no issues and no fender trimming.

My question, what will it take to fit the 34's? they are thinnner, but way taller then a typical 33. will I need a body lift? Will i need to do some fender trimming? Both? Neither?

Feel free I suppose to scream FAQ or GOOGLE, but if someone has done this let me know and some pics would be sweet, I was able to find a few on google and in a few of my 4wd toyota owner mags and toyota trails mags, but none of the third gen trucks like I have.

My truck is an 89.

Any help is much appreciated.

Also I dont really care much if these tires will destroy my front CV's. I do have it locked up front already and I do understand that this plus the bigger tire will equal CV explotions but I am realy light on the foot and I am prepared do to trail repairs.
My idler arm has a life time warranty and I plan on purchasing a lifetime alighnment service through firestone so alighnments an idler arms destroyed by huge awsomeness will be remedied easily as well.

FLAME ON :wrench:
No too much flaming here:popcorn:

But do some fender trimming, here is a mkII... but its the same job there. This one is cut for 38s with little or no lift.
You had me at "38's"

Thanks. The only reason I am concerned is because I once fit 33's on a third gen and they compressed up into the fender crushing it. Though looking back now this may have been do to bent upper bump stops and worn out torsion bars.
Well that question has a gabillion answers...

Take out your lift and hack your fenders into submission... Is one... :D

The answer depends on you, and how tall you want your truck... If you don't mind it being real tall, add a body lift, or add more suspension lift...

If you want it low... get out the sawsall.... :cheers:
grassyass everyone.

I would like it as low and cheap as possible
Then the cutoff wheel, welder and BFH will be your best friend :) Since you have a pickup, you probably won't have much welding if any to do. We fit 34" LTBs on my buddies 91 pickup, he has a 2" body lift and trimmed out the fenders. Took him no time at all.
some 33's have recently made themselves available for a good deal so I may be investing in those, we'll see though.

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