finally got the squeak sussed

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Apr 24, 2003
ok i know it's been almost a year of procrastination, i finally ripped into that sucker of a front axle, and am 99.9% sure the squeak i reported is from dragging disk pads. caliper piston rebuild here i come.

what confused me was "rebuild kits with just rubbers" 30 bucks a side.

with pistons = $180 a side

change over calipers $190 a side.

what are the rubbers for. how do you rebuild with just the rubbers. or do i need a piston. i think their either frozen, or just not separating off the disk far enough. how do i fix this.

p.s. what is the "anti rattle clip" is it really important. it's a bit of a case of rebuilding stuff and having parts left over. except this "anti rattle clip" is really two halves of an anti rattle clip.

all advice respected
I learned about the anti-rattle crap after a Toyota ASE mechanic did a brake job on my FJ60. I took it back to him and explained the clickety clack I kept hearing at low speeds.

He couldn't find anything wrong and sent me on my way :p after doing some reading I found a exploded view of the brake assembly in the MAF catalogue and found the anti-rattle spring ::)

$5.00 part nearly drove me crazy and the bad part is I KNOW he had to take off the old ones to do the brake job 8)
Up north here a rubber is a :-X !!
I thought a rubber in Oz was an eraser, or is that just across the ditch?

Anyway, take your calipers apart before and clean the bores and pistons. The pistons are smaller than the bore and should never actually come in contact with it. The "rubbers" are seals that separate piston from bore. It is more often the bores that need reconditioning rather than replacing pistons. You can hone them yourself or buy reconditioned calipers if yours are corroded badly. Either way you'll want to replace the seals.

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