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Jan 25, 2006
geraldton w.a
hey whats te best way to get better feul economy out of my hj73 the engine has done lots of kms would a gas coversion wreck my 3f motor its done 360k but never done much 4x4 just city car whats the best value to get better feul economy i was consitering getting a HYCLONE but i would only get 10 to 12 percent should I tune the carborator mabey a more of a lean mix mabey
Ok so its a carbed MWB which makes it a FJ73. You will be struggling to get better than 17 mpg regardless of what you do.

Im not too sure about doing a gas conversion on an engine with high klms.
I would not do it for a number of reasons and the main one being the cost.
It would set you back about $3 grand.
The LPG tank will only fit where your old tank is and will hang down 100 mm lower if you want the same range as your petrol tank.
Then because you cant refill with LPG away from the petrol/LPG station you will need an auxillairy petrol tank mounted forward of the rear axle.
Thats if you want to go a fair way off road.

The hiclones are a con. I had one on mine when I bought so I trialled it and it didnt make a bit of differnce,not even 1-2% over 3 months.

The carb rebuild may help but if its running ok and your plugs are clean then it will only be a minimal improvement.

Ok so what do you do? The cheapest way would be to sell it and get a diesel 4x4,but you like you like your MWB too much RIGHT:D
The next best and cheapest option would be to install a diesel.
There are lots of cheap 2H 6 CYL Landcruiser diesels in the Quokka classifieds and they will fit straight into yours without much trouble.
There has been one for sale there rebuilt 40000 kms ago complete for $2k.
Still cheaper than LPG and you would have a real HJ73;)

Here and the diesel tech forum will be your best place for advice.

Is that your real name?:D
roscoFJ73 said:
The cheapest way would be to sell it and get a diesel 4x4,but you like you like your MWB too much RIGHT:D
The next best and cheapest option would be to install a diesel

my 2 options .. sure .

I have a 1985 FJ73 MWB Landcruiser on LPG & Petrol with around 240,000K’s on the clock. I have had it since Nov 2004 and average around 220-240klm’s per 68Lts (re-fill) of LPG in Sydney Driving conditions, a little longer for highway use getting around 280-300 kilometers.

The LPG system was installed in 1998 with the LPG Cylinder being installed in the cargo area behind the rear seat, so have lost half of the cargo area behind the seat.

To help with storage of gear, I installed a shelf/deck with tie down straps above the LPG Cylinder from the back seat to the rear doors and store most of my camping previsions in storage boxes, all my tools go under the deck between the LPG Cylinder and door.


My 3F gets around 460km from its tank with frugal highway driving (Sydney - NSW south coast and part way back).

My carby was leaned out a little and its certainly made a difference (extra 30km from a tank...ish).

I think my snorkel has helped somewhat, as has careful driving and making sure I'm not carting around too many extras. I've also got 33x10.5 tyres on which I expect helps by dropping cruising revs.

Just try the basics first such as tyre pressure, keep all things clean (filters), drive like Miss Daisy, and hold your breath ;)

I could have sworn I read an article on Outerlimits about bolting an EFI from a camry onto a 3F. Will have to look into it. Am sure I kept a link........
bj74noob said:
i can nearly get 800km to the tank on open road. pity about the petrol prices.

On how many liters of fuel at fillup? And what tires/tranny/diff ratio...I'm assuming it's a BJ74 with a 13B-T? Thanks.
The Oil and Temp gauges are notorious for being in inaccurate in an L/C - why would we expect the fuel gauge to be different?

My '73 has 40 to 45 liters in the "top half" of the tank, and when I re-fill at 1/8 th of a tank, I usually get 60 l into it.....

Last weekend took a run to the Coast - running at 110 to 120 on the Coq, with my former roof basket on - 19 miles/imp gallon...

Coming back through the Fraser Canyon, no roof box, running 100 kmh, 24 miles/imp gallon....

1HZ, Auto, 10.5x33 BFG AT's. - It definately doesn't like the altitude on the Coq.
Hey Jim,

Thanks for the roof rack and the help in off-loading and re-mounting on my rig.

It was great to meet you and your wife. I hope you had a great w/e here on the wet coast.

You mean my fuel ecomony will dive like that with the added ~75lbs and drag? Yikes. :)


Well...just did another calculation on the latest tank of fuel in my BJ74 today. Mixed cty/hwy driving, use of AC, and dragging my military trailer from Surrey to Richmond with 28 boxes of wood flooring in it...

10.9L/100 kms, or 21.6 US MPG, or 25.9 Imp MPG! Best fuel economy I've ever had.

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