F versus 2F

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Jul 19, 2004
Richmond, CA
I am trying my best to find out whether or not the manual for the F is what I could use for my 2F engine work. I downloaded the manual from Birfield and have looked through it and it seems to be the right one but I don't want to print and bind it if I am wrong. Can someone clear this up for me?

I have a pdf
188 pages
front cover says F Engine repair manual

Thanks all in advance:confused:
Yes and no. Lots of changes from the f to the 2f. Carb being a big change, emissons being another. I'd keep up the search for a f manual or just buy one from Man-A-Fre or Spector or off E-Bay (gotta really watch for when the show up) What ever the cost is worth it, I have used my Hanes alot with my 2F, if they make a F manual it will be cheaper and cover most Maintance procedures.
A lot of things stayed the same between the F and 2F, but a lot of things changed too...
If you don't know what changed and what didn't, I think you're better off with a repair manual specific to your engine. Then there'll be no confusion about why you can't find the locking tabs for your flywheel bolts or how come you have 3 piston rings and not 4, like it shows in the picture...

"Well it's a '68,'69,'70,'71,'71,'73,'74,'75,'76 FJ55..."
alright excellent, I was about to pay to print and bind the F engine manual but I will hold off until I find the 2F manual or buy it like you mentioned. I have the haynes manual for now also.

Thanks all.

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