External oil line routing

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From SOR <---- this is a link

OIL LINES <---- this is a link

Steve, for some reason [like I just sold him an F135 head set] I think Lee uses the older cartridge type filter assembly, not the spin on. Perhaps you can use your magic linking powers to post a pic of the older filter assembly. ;)

All I can do is post a link: Specter Off-Road-Land Cruiser Parts - Page 026-Oil Filter & Oil Lines

This shows the high pressure line going from the regulator to the side of the canister, and the return from the bottom to the fitting on the block. I don't remember what's on my '65, and right now I'm too tired to get out of this chair and go look.:rolleyes:

Mark A.
This pic?
That's the one. One day I'm gonna learn me some 'puter skilz.:hillbilly:

Thanks Steve.
thanks guys I have everything put in just need the gaskets that mark sent and I'm ready to drop it back in. Napa hooked me up with some sweet oil lines I had them custom made they will look sweet and should function well. I'll shoot some pictures tomorrow.
does anyone have a picture of their mid-late 60's cruiser that has the oil filter u-bolted onto their manifold or drivers side fender?

Is this what you have in mind?
IMG_0725 (Small).jpg
IMG_0726 (Small).jpg
does anyone know the thread and pitch of the brass fitting that goes int othe block from the oil filter? I had to easy out the original when it got bent puting the engine back in. Oh and by the way I still have the old school cannister oil filter if anyone wants to buy it from me.
1/8 BSPT....should be, anyway.:beer:


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