Exploring the SE Utah

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Mar 10, 2004
Scottsdale Arizona
I have driven by the Grand Staircase/Escalante area over 10 times each time wondering what the area had to offer. After some research I found the area to be loaded with unique features and it was a place I need to explore.

Loaded up the 100 and armed with maps, GPS points, multiple internet printouts and some light recovery gear we were off. The dirt roads we traveled on were all passable without 4wd but impassable when wet. If you travel in this area believe them when posted "Impassable when wet". The terrian is rich with red clay and when wet I found 4wd to be usless and unbelievably slick, similiar to ice.

Durring on travels with visited slot canyons, incredible rock formation, arches, waterfalls, loaded the 100 on the ferry across Lake Powell and drove some of the most amazing roads I have ever been on. Highway 12 is noted as one of the most scenic byway and Burr Trail is said to be one of the most scenic dirt road. Both roads were incredible and lived up to their hype.

We had 5 days of travel and only touched on this feature packed area. I look forward to returning to this area.

Here are some pictures of my attempt to capture this amazing area.
what's that last picture of there Phil?
Great pics Phil, Thanks for sharing.....
I spent 7 days backpacking in the GS/Escalante a few years ago and it is most certainly a magical place. We did the Coyote Gulch area but there is so much more to do. A combo backpacking/Land Cruiser expedition would be an ideal mix for a family trip. Great photos, Phil. Glad you had a good experience.

Looks like you had a great trip. Thanks for sharing!
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I just took the kids up to 4 corners for last week, but we had bad wind and snow.

I found the entrance to Arch Canyon (18 miles west of Blanding) and wondered if anyone has done it the full length? I backed out about 1 mile in being alone, bad weather to west, and having three kids in the 70 series. In the morning we went up top (easy, some 1' steps) and looked around in a semi whiteout. The whole area has some plotted 30+ mile back country tours dumping out to the east side of Lake Powell and going north to the Needles dist. of Canyonlands.

phil, looks like you had supreme weather and some really good scenery.
Nice pics amigo, but I'm waiting for some pics of the 100 in a south of the border trip. ;)

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