Engine Temperature Question

Mar 24, 2006
i did a search but no answers to my questions...figured i'd throw this out for consideration.

My new 1889 FJ62 has a new radiator and a new water pump and thermostat. The system does a GREAT job of cooling the 3FE. I'm concerned ,though, that it does TOO good a job.

My observations:

1. The temperature guage. Now I know that the stock guages are notoriously vague. BUT mine almost never gets above the first line. Something i have never seen. And i say almost never because I HAVE seen it climb up to about 1/3 on steep hills when really pushing. So it seems to be reading temp.

2. Black carbon on the exhaust. The tailpipe has excessive black carbon on the end...Again, something i don't think i have ever seen. I'm assuming that it might because the motor is running too cool.

What ,if any, are the symptoms and or problems of a motor running too cool.

Could it be that my thermostat is stuck open?

I'm curious to see what the MUD crew has to say about this.

Thanks in advance



Jul 12, 2003
Symptoms are consistent with missing that o-ring. This is often not installed. Coolent flows all the time, so engine temp goes up only when worked hard (like on a long hill). I'd purchase an o-ring before opening it up....

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