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May 31, 2003
Berks County PA
Ok here is the scenario. Started my 80 ('97, stock engine except for K&N fliter, 110K) drove it 1 mile. Shut it off. Went to the store came out and started it. It stammered stuttered and almost was stalling. I shut it off but it did not shut off. I even took the key out and it just made a sound like the starter was trying to turn the engine over, even with the key out of the ignition. The starter was trying to turn it over to no avail, it was not deiseling. Put the key back in and turned and started it drove it half a mile (rough idel and strange noise from the starter area but not the usual screech like when you have turned the igniton to start by accident) and it stalled and I shut it off. Half mile from my house. Start it back up and all was OK for the 1/2 mile trip home. Shut it off and all was OK. Drove it around the block w/o a hitch. Any ideas?

-stock engine and drive train
-up until it stalled completely and started and ran correctly, the folllowing dummie lights were on: oil, coolant, brake, airbag. After it stalled and shut off without a problem, then all the dummie lights shut off and that was when it drove the rest of the way home without and issue
-coolant level is perfect as well as oil level, no fooam or milkshake look
-my 2 year old son did jam 2 cds into the stock player and I have yet to take them out, could that have fried something,
-other than the above things, I have not had single issue

Thanks for any input
m. reed crawlin40@hotmail.com
Jul 9, 2006
Toronto, Ontario
Same thing happened to me.
Until you replace the contacts make sure you either have a long stick to wack the starter motor (sometimes works) or pliers to quickly remove one of your battery terminal connectors.
Aug 8, 2003
Your starter contacts get deep dents in them over the years so the plunger that hits them sticks and doesn't retract, keeping the starter on. This is a perfect description of what happens and is well known on the 80. You risk getting unlucky one day soon and they'll weld themselves together and fry something or catch fire so be able to pull the battery connection off at a moment's notice (loosen pos connection so you can pull it free after leaping out of the driver's seat). Get the p/n's off the starter (from top with flashlight) and call Cdan who can get the correct parts to you for your starter (several were avail). Read the FAQ on changing the starter contacts.


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