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tell us what you are driving! :cheers:
most that I've seen have a set screw in the pull you must loosen... then unscrew the knob. The bezel (sp?) then typically unscrew and then you pull the switch out. But then it does depend what you're driving, but this may get you started.

sorry. guess that would help, but i figured it out. fj40 arround the switch there is a circular peice of metal. the rod that attaches to the knob goes through this and back into the mechanism of the switch. this circular metal is a large screw that attaches to the front part of the switch mechanism and holds the mechanism to the dash. by unscrewing (verry carefully as not to scratch the paint) this metal "doughnut" it will release the switch. the screw sits on the front side of the dash. a picture would help right about now...
sounds like you've got it. what do you need the picture for?

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