Electrical Problem...need some ideas on diagnosing

Jun 2, 2006
Seattle, WA
Hey everyone.....looks like something new arose last night! My buddy and I stopped at a burrito stand last night after cruising around for a little while last night.

After the truck had been sitting for about 30+ minutes, we got in, turned the key, heard the starter click, then stop. No power or anything. Tried to turn on the lights, nothing...total electrical failure!

I flicked the light switch, fumbled with the battery line (I had disconnected them earlier and forgot to tighten them down, but they were still on the terminal). Then it started right up, full power, amp and volt meter showing good ratings (about 14 volts on the volt meter and the needle was in the middle on the amp gauge).

I recently restored the gauge cluster and installed new dash bulbs and removed the blinds for better lighting. But, I doubt the ammeter was shorting anything out, as I did this some time ago and have ran it fine since. I did remove one of the amp meters the PO installed and replaced it with a volt meter. Although, when doing this I used a connector and connected to the bare leads for the amp meter togther to complete the circuit.

I just thought of what might have caused it though. The terminal plug for the positive battery line is kind of jerry-rigged with electrical tape bacause it came off some months ago, and I just wrapped it to keep it on. I suppose it could have came loose when I removed the battery earlier in the day, and finally became totally dislodged somehow after. We did fiddle with the battery line while trying to diagnose the problem, maybe we tightened it back up.

Anyhow, any other ideas on what this could have been? I'm taking the truck out tomorrow and I want to be prepared in case it happens again. I've started the truck several times since with out a reoccurance of the problem.

Sorry for the long spiel......:)


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