Electrical Gremlins

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Nov 14, 2013
Huntsville, AL
guys just wanted to take a second and get some opinions, as yall are the best at this stuff.
A few months back, i worked on tracking down why the rear wiper wasnt working in the 80. Read a few threads here on mud and determined it was likely the relay in the rear hatch. Bought a used one and a used motor and threw it on there, didnt make a difference. Chocked it up to not just buying used parts, kind of forgot and just moved on. Well fast forward a month or so and i happened to be getting something out of the rear of the 80 while it was running. I must have not turned the switch off for the rear wiper because as soon as i opened the gate, the wiper started working. That peaked my interest in fixing it again. I took the back plastic panel off and jumped the two wires from the lock mechanism to make the truck thing the door was shut always and i get nothing. If i open the circuit the wiper works intermittently (not on the int setting just comes on and off as it pleases with the switch on). Oddly enough the rear interior light used to come on when i would open the hatch but it was very VERY dim. It has since stopped coming on at all but if it turn it on by hand, it works fine so i know it isnt the bulb.

Lastly to add the the saga, my wife was driving it the other day and had jumped into start it. As most of us do she hit the brake to start the car. The 3rd brake light came on (high one on the tailgate) and as i opened the gate to put the stroller in, the light got noticeably brighter. When i shut the gate it dimmed some, still working, just dimmer. I opened and shut the gate a few times like an idiot in the parking lot and it did this consistently. it SEEMS like it has something to do with the locking mechanism on the gate that locks it to the bottom part of the clamshell but i am not sure.

THoughts you geniuses of all things land cruisers?
sounds like it may be an issue with the harness where it passes from the body into the hatch or maybe a corroded connector in the hatch
Check and clean the connectors in the rear, left panel. You'll have to pull the plastic trim off (the big, kind of L shaped lower one) to get to it comfortably.

The wires enter the hatch via the upper edge, through grommets in the body and the hatch. You might have a broken wire in there.

I don't recall off the top of my head whether anything grounds *inside* the hatch. I think the circuits all feed back through to the connectors in the quarter panel.
I have the same issue and have been meaning to take care if it. I also have other electrical issues. If I have the rear defrost on I can take the key out of the ignition and the heater blower will remain on until I turn the rear defrost off. If my headlights are switched on and the truck is off(lights off), If I open the passenger door the headlights turn on.

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