brake lights

  1. Drake2

    For Sale  WI - 78 FJ40 Rear Tail Lights (No lenses) Price Drop

    Relieving some more inventory that I will not be using. I will be going with some custom LED lights so I'm selling this pair of tail lights, sorry no lenses available. These assemblies come with good usable gaskets (very pliable and no cracks). There was a bit of rust/corrosion on the housing...
  2. Loves2na

    Wanted  Socal- looking for a third brake light for a 99 lc

    For the life of me I can't seem to find a used one! I prefer used due to not wanting to pay well over $200 for a new one. Any one out there have one, please hit me up!
  3. tldagent

    Driver's Side Tail Light - Brake Light not working correctly 97 LX450

    Have a weird problem and I've searched for answers but found nothing that matches what's going on. For some reason my Driver's side tail light isn't working. I've looked over all the harnesses, unplugged and put dielectric grease on them. Everything is so clean and free from corrosion I can't...
  4. RocketCityCrzrs

    Electrical Gremlins

    guys just wanted to take a second and get some opinions, as yall are the best at this stuff. A few months back, i worked on tracking down why the rear wiper wasnt working in the 80. Read a few threads here on mud and determined it was likely the relay in the rear hatch. Bought a used one and...
  5. Borrego

    Brake light HELP!

    I have a 71 FJ40 (built in Sept 1970). All of a sudden my brake lights went out. The running lights and turn signals work. The hazard lights have never worked, and now the brake lights don't work. I suspect it's the brake light switch. I'm newer to electrical and may need help understanding...
  6. Mendocino

    Weird brake light behavior on '75 '40

    Last night I noticed that when I applied pressure to the brake pedal the brake lights came on strong and as I continued to press the pedal they went off. If I lightly touch the pedal they work great. It seems to me this is a defective brake light switch (BLS) but I have never heard of this...
  7. labcab

    Hatch brake lights not working

    I've been troubleshooting my trailer wiring and noticed that the brake lights on the hatch don't light up. Outer brake lights and the high center/3rd light work fine, but the signal isn't getting to the hatch lights. I pulled one and it lit up fine when I applied 12 volts to the harness. I...
  8. Paraglider

    Tail light issues (electricity problems?)

    I've got an HJ47. It was owned by a farmer before and he didn't care what worked as long as the thing ran and could haul and hold equipment, so I've got a few issues to resolve. One is my rear lights. The hazards work, the blinkers work, one brake light works. No lights turn on when I turn...
  9. D

    Electrical issue w/headlights & brake lights

    So here is the issue thats driving me crazy. Symptoms: 1. When I have my head lights turn ON for night driving my rear brake lights stay continuously on regardless if i press the brake pedal or not. 2. When I have my headlights OFF and press the brake my fog lights light up and my clock...
  10. landcrush

    1972 FJ40 Help- New Jersey

    Hey mud Looking for some help or advice as to where to seek help. Have a 1972 FJ40 that's been sitting for years, work being done on it every so often. Currently it runs, drives and stops, however there are some things holding me back from getting it registered. The brake lights work...
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