EGR Temp Sensor Wire Mod

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Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
I did the shorting the EGR temp sensor mod to trick the ECU that the EGR working. You short the two wires together and the MIL stays off. I guess connecting the wires makes the ECU think the temp of the EGR valve is hot, thus it has exhaust passing through it. Is this how it works?

I need to get my EGR working again. I hooked up the temp sensor wires a some time ago and tested the temp sensor via the FSM and it failed. If I just leave the temp sensor wires shorted together, will the EGR work properly? Does the temp sensor do anything other than confirm that there is exhaust gasses passing through the EGR valve?
So far, the EGR is working and there is no CEL. So leaving it shorted to its self doesn't affect the EGR from working or throw a code.

So if you temp sensor is not working, just short the wires to them selves. At least you wont have a CEL.

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