Wanted Edmonton, Canada: Looking for a 2F for FJ60

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do you want to cross the border?
I've got one in Helena MT
While it's a bit of a drive, I can attest (as a former Edmontonian who still gets back to AB once in a while) that 3_puppies is a solid guy.

Try posting in the parts wanted sticky thread in the Edmonton clubhouse and see if anyone has a lead on one local.

There are also Calgary, Red Deer and several BC club sections too under the clubhouse tab.
I have a project one you can have. It's been partially parted out. It's missing some parts, but the head and block are all there. Free for the taking.

But honestly, I would only entertain this one if you were looking for one to rebuild. Since I started taking some parts off, I realized that the coolant must not have been changed in ages. It's pretty rusty looking. Compression was decent, little low on cylinder 5. 251,000 miles.

Sorry for the blurry photos. And this is located in Chilliwack, BC.






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