Early GM 4l80e Pan Options

Mar 18, 2009
Augusta, GA
I'm wrapping up a 6.5TD swap on my 80 Series and I have some clearance issues with the front drive shaft. I lifted the suspension 3" and installed a narrower shaft from Tom Woods.

I'm still a little concerned about the clearance between the shaft and the transmission pan. Although it doesn't touch, I'm worried that the shaft will contact the front corner of the pan under flex. It looks like a pan like the one in the Amazon link below would give me much more clearance with its rounded corners, but every time I see a pan like this it says that it is for 97+ 4l80e. My stock pan is squared off at the corners and comes straight down.

Are there any options out there that offer rounded corners for the early transmissions? I didn't know there was much difference besides fluid routing for cooling.

Late Pan (Looks like it would give me good clearance):
Amazon product
Early Pan (Looks like what I have now):

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