Early F engine water pump conundrum

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Jan 16, 2023
Stuart, Virginia
I couldn't find one from any Toyota parts sellers. There is however some sort of older forklift that used the same engine because these guys say they have it in stock: TOYOTA, 16341-60010, GASKET - WATER OUTLET - https://www.truparforkliftparts.com/TOYOTA-16341-60010-GASKET-WATER-OUTLET-p/ty16341-60010.htm

They could be one of those sites though where they say they have everything in stock but in reality, they don't. I'm going to order a different gasket from them so I'll report back.
I was successfully able to order the 1967 thermostat housing gasket for my FJ 40 from a fork lift parts supply house!

Ordered Early F Engine part from Forklift Site - https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/ordered-early-f-engine-part-from-forklift-site.1304190/

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