DUST = land closures

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Jan 30, 2003
All over Arizona
This is from the Arizona State Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs:

From: "Sandee McCullen" <sandee@mccullens.com>
To: "Sandee McCullen" <sandee@mccullens.com>
Subject: Granite Mountain and PM 10 dust
Below is a message from Jeff Gursh regarding the NEW DUST REGULATIONS. Although Granite Mountain is more dirt bike trails the Boulders; parts of Table Mesa; Desert Wells and parts of Florence Jct are ALL WITHIN THE PM-!0 Dust areas. Basically the new regs simply state we cannot ride any PM-10 areas on HIGH POLLUTION days. ADEQ has agreed to this proposal but it’s not understood by the surrounding cities or LEO’s. It’s important we ALL pay attention to these areas and maybe change our riding habits a bit to keep these areas open to our access. Remember………….. about six months ago the State Land Dept. was planning on closing ALL State Trust Lands to OHV use. Then it went to ALL of Maricopa County. With the extensive help of Jeff and the AZOHVC attorney, it was cut to “No OHV in the PM-10 areas on high pollution days”. In the past few years the total days each year has been less than 20. We can survive this………….. like it? Maybe not butwe’re going to have to change some to allow our agencies to meet national dust standards. If the agencies or state get fined because of dust they will simply CLOSE everything.

I know we can do this if we join together……………….. think of the positive picture OHV can finally present if we make this work.

Please forward this message to your mail lists and friends.

THANKS, Sandee & the AZOHVC Board

Granite Mountain WILL remain open while City and ADEQ along with ATR and other partners in the Granite Mountain MOU work out the Dust issues relating to stricter regulations from recent legislation and EPA rule making.

This is all part of the PM 10 dust issues that Maricopa County has had to put in place to address failing the EPA limits on Airborne dust.

So what does this all mean?

OHV areas that are inside the non attainment area, are going to have to have some big changes to stay open.

Example: BLM Boulders OHV area near Lake Pleasant. This area is in the non attainment area. If you have been out there recently , you will see the pipe rail fences and dust treated road and parking area , along with the additional signs asking you to drive slow and reduce dust in the parking area.

This will become the norm for all OHV and really any staging/parking area for all users in the non-attainment area.

Slowing down in the parking areas and keeping dust down ,especially near "edges " of OHV riding areas will help keep dust complaints down .....this along with the dust treatment on the access roads and parking areas is going to be our best bet to working in the new rules

ADEQ is working with Land agencies to figure all this out. BUT it is going to take some time for all the different Cities and agencies to sit down and hammer something out on OHV trails.

How can you help?

SLOW down ................especially in the parking areas. Dust is a bigger problem where all park and unload. Spread out when riding in groups..........don't ride the fence lines near Highways and Roads. Leave the "donuts and Burnouts " to the NASCAR guys..........tires are expensive and the dust generated will close your trails.

Hang in there ................EVERYONE is learning how to work with these new Rules..........EVERYONE.

Jeff Gursh
these rules have good intentions but,,, i have already seen the marble drop test fail at one site i work at, 10k fine on the spot,, i saw a roofing contractor get hit with another 10k fine for the dust produced while cutting the roof tiles during installation, i have heard of concrete guys already getting hit cutting concrete. these fines will take months to process and are being fought hard in the meantime. we also have to deal with a "trackout" regulation that has been increasingly enforced. i dont know what it will mean for off roading in the PM10 areas but for us builders it means 10% visible dust and your getting a fine, 10% is anything visible really, and the marble drop i mentioned is testing a mandatory "crust",, if the marble sinks in the dirt you get fined.
So which government assmunch is gonna try to fine God for making wind and stirring up dust all over the state...:rolleyes:

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