Durhamtown Tellico Ride 3/14 - 3/15

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Sep 12, 2008
behind enemy lines FEMA sector IV
okay who is interested in going?
Do we have any interest?
My truck is still in pieces but I should have it ready.

(Scroll down, next post has all the information)
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At last nights meeting, there was a lot of interest shown for the upcoming Durhamtown-Tellico trip, so heres all the info!

-40 miles of trails from easy to Extreme (most being intermediate)
-12 mile intermediate ridge top "expo" trail
-"The Bowl"... More of a buggy playground

Location: 401 Clyde McDonald Road Murphy, NC 28906
-2.5hrs up 575/515 from Atlanta

Date: March 14-15

Price: (Driver) - $20
(Passenger) - $10
(Passenger's under 10) - Free

Camping: (Next to a stream) - $10 a person
(Away from a stream) - $5 a person
(12 and under) - Free

Free Map: http://media.wix.com/ugd/1d3e49_7ecb41433e764a31b1526cea765fdb65.pdf

There is also trout fishing (NC fishing license needed) and SideXSide rentals for more $ if interested!

Ask any other questions well try and get them answered. This trip, based on the people who said they were going, will have a majority of stock to mildly built trucks so come on out and get those 33s dirty!
I will be there on saturday.
I am going to try to come. I'll most likely come up late Friday or early Saturday. I'll probably only have until early afternoon Saturday though so the 12 mile loop sounds good to me!
I'm not gonna be able to make this ride like I would've hope to, but it looks like there might be one or two Atlanta 4runners guys who might be joining y'all.
I will be there Saturday only. What time and where do we meet? I'm already in Murphy. 4xFletch, I have a Georgia Cruiser shirt for you and need to collect $23.00 from you.
Not sure on weather.. 50% rain chance Fri and Sat. Could mean brief rain or so. Guess we all need to bring dry wood.
Hi All,

Assuming we are all still going. Still looks like some light showers here and there over weekend, but seemingly dry. Who is still going?
I was planning to go up friday night and camp and then meet everyone on Saturday.
Lady said the office is open from 9am-9pm both days.
In terms of logistics:
Meeting time & Location:
Friday Night: TBD
Saturday arrivals:Sat at 930am-10am at the office?


Lets plan on these ham channels for the trip this weekend.
Simplex frequencies
146.460 ( default)
CB radio Channel 8

If you have a 2M, I'll be on 146.460. Cell, four04- six6eight-8six3four

Camping Location:
I was thinking the small campsite area near little snowbird creek off of tellico road. The main area off bridge trail has a port-o-john
Bring firewood (Dry and starter)
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I will be there Saturday only. What time and where do we meet? I'm already in Murphy. 4xFletch, I have a Georgia Cruiser shirt for you and need to collect $23.00 from you.

I will be there with $23 in hand. Debating rolling up there friday night instead of sat morn.
My plans have changed, can't make it. I'm heading North to pick up my new Slide in camper(E-Bay Purchase).
I'm coming Saturday but I don't know what time I'm going to get there. I'll try to make it by 10. It might be a little later though. How is cell coverage up there? I don't have my 2M so I won't be able to radio.
I am not going to make it tonight and being there tomorrow is questionable right now. I have 3 stripped bolts and one missing that needs to be welded in place. These are critical to hold the main skid plate in place. am going to try to finish tonight and be there tomorrow.
So is anybody going? I don't want to drive all the way up there if nobody is gonna show up.
It looks like Ron is in. I am still trying to finish putting my truck together. I will let you know.
Do we have anyone else committed?
I'm still in. I plan to arrive Saturday AM between 9:30 and 10:00. I'll meet everyone at the office/regristration.

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