Durabeck or similar body coating

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Check my build thread.

It was under $400 with a Dewalt Palm sander. I love it but do beat up the paint on my rig which is what swayed me that way.
Seen several 80's and 60's that have done it, only one 100 (duggy's). That stuff weighs more than you think. If you had a trashed truck or one that had clear coat problems, I'd maybe consider it. I'd go more for the practical areas - lower portion/rockers - for mud/rock protection.
I used Monstaliner that was color matched to my original color after I rolled my 4runner. It turned out great except where I sprayed over some touch up paint. Those parts have started to peel up.

Here is a picture showing the texture as well as where it started to peel.

Immediate prep:
Seanz0rz's Roll and Rebuild - Page 24

Seanz0rz's Roll and Rebuild - Page 25

My clearcoat was shot before the roll so doing this made a lot of sense. There are 30 pages of my rebuild there, and I am still not back to 100%. I will be selling her soon to move on to my LX.

It is a roll on product but must be sprayed if color matching. If you are going with one of their colors, you can roll it with great results.

I am extremely happy with the product and will be using it on bumpers and such in the future. It is good stuff! I know some others on mud have used it as well.

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