Drive shaft fabrication question

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Feb 3, 2003
Just set all four tires on the ground nearing the end of the SOA. Some have mentioned that the driveshafts may need to lengthened. A mechanic/stock car racer friend said they have made their own driveshafts for years, using tailpipe. Have any of you done this type of procedure yourselves? If so information is appreciated.
IMO, spend the money on a quality set of shafts. You can likely shorten one or the other and that's a cheaper process than lengthening one. It's too bad shafts aren't cheaper....I've got over $600 in mine....

Catco in FondDuLac does shafts, I believe. I think a buddy works there, gotta call him later today anyways, will check...
Hahahahahaha! Hahaha...haha...using tailpipe? AAAhahaha....Whew, that's a rich one:) I'd like to see that in action for the 5 seconds it would last!!! I had Woods re-tube mine, thicker wall than the origianl toyota stuff, and reasonable...
dont should have seen the shaft from the van that i pulled my motor from....looked like high quality 3" exhaust pipe to me.... :eek: serioulsy, it was that thin.

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