Door Panel needed

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Aug 10, 2013
I am living in Zambia and just got a (new to me) 1999 VX-Limited (25,000 miles). I bought it from Japan and it was (I'll explain later) in perfect condition. When they brought it to the Zambian border the windows were left open and the baboons came for a visit:mad: and chewed on the top of the driver's door panel and the handle portion, in addition to the middle arm rest. I've tried having it repaired here, but it's just not good enough. What is a recommend source that might be able to provide these parts? Thanks!!
I hate it when that happens

But seriously, you can get any LC part you need in Zam. Have you tried the dealer? For less $, ask your guard, doorman, gate guy, handyman at work to source the panel for you. The locals can find anything for Toyotas and you don't pay muzungu price.
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