Wanted donor cruiser needed for crawler project

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Oct 18, 2004
West Georgia
United States
my friend is looking for a FJ40 body and frame to use as a base for a crawler he is about to build, basically all he's looking for is a frame, cowl/firewall/dash, hood and bib/grill, needs to be in atlanta area or withing 2 or 3 hours preferably

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hhhhhmmmmmmm.....roadtrip to colorado. i know someone that's got an fj40 that he's gotta get rid of.
Sent you a pm.
I have a 60 I could let go pretty cheap. Maybe meet you halfway. Let me know if you are interested.



I guess that means mine did not fit the bill.:hmm:

It was this:

Switches 003.jpg

Switches 004.jpg

Engine and drive train yet to come out, doors, electric, dash and steering all coming out.
Switches 003.jpg
Switches 004.jpg
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I've got a 78' 40 frame and cowl that I was saving for a buggy build, but now would like to get it out of my yard. It is in Myrtle Beach, actually Conway. Make me an offer if you are interested. Got know axles, it has a bad engine, and tranny attached, but I will remove that for you. The cowl is still attached to the frame.
A little rust at the rear lights, but if it is a buggy build that will all get chopped off. If not it is an easy fix. I don't have a title, but I doubt that you will need one for your rig.


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