Do I have a blown amp?

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Sep 10, 2014
Milwaukee, WI
So I was reading through some unrelated posts yesterday and came across the TSB for excessive base on the older LCs. While my vehicle was not listed in the years stated, the symptoms sound a lot like what I am hearing. Basically if I try to play music through my phone to the stereo, the bass sounds like its overdriving the front woofers (driver side mostly) and generally sounding like s***. Turning down the bass seems to help.

I know someone is going to say that my foam is probably rotten, but I've checked and the speaker looks NIB perfect oddly enough. When I got the truck the bass was turned all the way down, so my guess is this problem has been going on for some time. (i.e. no bass signal being sent to woofers over long period results in above average condition).

Has anyone had the excessive bass issue in a 2003+? From what I've read, the 2003+ have a different set-up than the 98-02 do. In addition, if the amp is bad does anyone have a line on a used one? New are around $700.
Although I have an 01 LX470, I experienced the same bass issue. Lots of scratchy Charlie Brown's mom distortion on the low end. I just pulled the sub and driver door speaker to have them rebuilt. With those two removed, the issue is gone. The foam is in good condition, in fact the speakers look great, but I likely have some other issue with the voice coil or cone. I have a guy just south of Seattle that can rebuild them for about $75. Now that you mention the amp, I guess I need to check that too to see if it is part of the problem.

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