DIY – Metal-tech 80 Slider bolt on mount kit & Rub rail kits $174.95- $274.95

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Nov 2, 2002

Metal-tech is releasing a new DIY (Do It Yourself) 80 slider bolt on mount kit. This kit comes complete with every mounting point you need to build off your frame for a home built set of 80 sliders. Custom US made bolts and the basically indestructible Metal-tech mounting pads. The U-bolt mounting pads are ¼” thick laser cut and CNC formed for maximum strength. Each pad has the boltholes slotted so you can have adjustability in mounting your sliders. For the CAT side we provide the mounting plate typically used for 95-97, along with the grade 10.9 bolts, washers and lock washers. When using the kit with years other than 95-97 you will need to fabricate your own CAT area mounting system. Note: You need to provide your own main bodies, mounting arms etc. to build a complete set of sliders from this mount kit.

6 – Custom bent grade 8 fine pitch thread U-bolts, with yellow zinc platting
12 – High-nut extra tall high alloy fine pitch thread nuts (Considerable stronger than standard nuts)
12 – L-9 high alloy extra thick washers
4 – Grade 10.9 CAT side 8mm mounting bolts
4 – Grade 10.9 CAT side 8mm washers
4 – Grade 10.9 CAT side 8mm lock washers

3 – ¼” thick laser cut and CNC formed mid mounting points
2 – ¼” thick laser cut and CNC formed rear mounting points
1 – ¼” thick laser cut CAT mounting plate

$179.95 complete intro price!

Rear mount plates:

Cat mount plates:

80 Tubing Rub Rails straight:
This kit contains two sets of one piece 1.5” DOM tubing rub rails w/ two mid supports. They come with the ends bent downward ready for you to install on your round tube or box tube sliders. One end of the four mid supports is pre-notched for speed in building.

2 – Main rub rails set for 66” is length with ends bent at 45* angles
4 – Mid support ribs with one end each pre notched
FULL DOM 1.5” tubing! (1.75" is avalible at request at an extra $20)

$135 per set (Does one set of sliders)

(NEW!)80 Tubing Rub Rail kit FULL Metal-tech two stage rub rail kits (NOTE: This is the ONLY Trade Marked licensed two stage kit available)
2- Rear kick outs stage two rails
2- Front stage one rails
2- Mid supports
FULL DOM 1.5" tubing 0.120 wall

$185 per set (Does one set of sliders)
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Good idea Mark! Cut down the home fabrication time, save on shipping. You might look at 100 series dimensions too. I think the rails might actually work for a 100 too.

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