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Apr 2, 2015
I just finished refurbishing and modifying an 8/80 and later big cap 2F distributor for a fellow MUD member's '74 FJ40. We decided to try building a points distributor using an FJ60 electronic distributor - @ToyotaMatt's "Skunk Works" mentality is taking a firm hold in my shop. This modification provides several benefits - a bearing supported shaft and a weatherproof/vented cap. It can be used just like any other F engine points distributor that uses a coil and condenser, without the need for an igniter. However, it does require the use of an 8/80 and later dented side cover. It can also be easily set up for an off-the-shelf Pertronix ignition (available from @65swb45).

This first prototype uses many new Toyota/NipponDenso parts:

- single diaphragm vacuum advancer
- Koyo sealed shaft bearing
- distributor gear pin (not an aftermarket roll pin)
- shaft O-ring
- cam
- cam grease plug
- mechanical advance weights with sleeves
- breaker plate
- points
- points damper and grounding strap
- external 0.22 uF condenser
- distributor cap
- distributor cap dust proof packing (O-ring)
- rotor
- terminal
- wire clip
- all miscellaneous hardware

I also replaced the missing mechanical advance stop pin bushing with a new aluminum bushing from my local hardware store.

The only original parts remaining are the distributor housing, distributor shaft, distributor gear, and mechanical advance springs.

Here are some photos (I apologize for the quality, they were taken early this morning in my basement):



Jul 6, 2020
Poulsbo, WA
This distributor is a work of art. I am excited to have this be a part of my 74’s revival after a few years in storage. The @4Cruisers dizzy in my 79 is a huge upgrade which i am continually testing and pushing hard through different driving conditions. It’s running like a new engine. Even my teenage boys can tell the difference.

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