Dirty Engine

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Jan 23, 2008
East York, Canada
I had a bit of oil seepage from the engine side covers on my 2H. I tightened the bolts and now I want to clean the engine since I figure a clean engine will be easier to spot new leaks.
Here's a question regarding using engine degreasers like the one's you buy in a can spray on the engine and then hose off.
Is there one brand that works better than another or are they all basically the same?
Also is there some special precautions I should take? For example is there something I shouldn't use the degreaser on or is there something I shouldn't get wet? My plan is to get some degreaser and go to one of the coin washes and do the cleaning there.
Or should I not use high pressure to do the washing?
Put cling wrap over the tops of the clutch and brake reservoirs when directing a hose in the engine bay because I reckon those "vent thingies" leak water inside.

And if it was me I'd brush a degreaser like POR15 Marine Clean on the dirty areas and use a hose (set on a gentle flow) to wash off. (Again using the old paint brush to assist with disloging the muck.) And then repeat as many times as necessary.

A old tooth brush is extra good for stubborn muck and for areas that are difficult to get to with the old paint brush.

But a spray degreaser will probably work as good as "Marine Clean" (but it may be harder to apply it directly where it is needed).

Personally I wouldn't go for high pressure. (Too difficult to control where it goes.)

Having the engine warm first will assist too.


PS. I fully agree with you that a clean engine bay makes for a reliable vehicle. (You can spot problems far easier/earlier when it is all clean and tidy. Not to mention the fact that you often find problems while doing the cleaning.)
I use BP engine degreaser(liquid hyrdrocarbons %99),there is nothing better.
Most of them are just high strength detergents.

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